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Description of Database

Cutters by Class

The cutter database is arranged as follows:
Early Revenue Cutter Service cutters
Early Light House Service tenders
Prohibition era acquisitions
WWII acquisitions
Korean War acquisitions
Special function cutters (ice breakers, etc.)
One of a kind cutters
Cutters traditionally referred to by length
Navy and Army vessels manned by Coast Guard crews
Navy ships named for Coastguardsmen

The lead ship of the class is named followed by the number of ships in the class
The next column is the year the class entered service
If the cutter went through multiple weapons fits, the dates of the major fits are noted
Acquired means the vessel became a Coast Guard asset and was designated USCGC
Used or Manned means the vessel was an Army or Navy vessel manned by a Coast Guard crew
If I have a model of the cutter in my collection, a link to a picture of the model is provided

Aircraft by TMS

Aircraft are arranged alphabetically by manufacturer, designation, and common name
Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules
The manufacturer's model number is given, if known
If the aircraft was know by other designations in other services or in civilian use, those designations are listed
Followed by the number in Coast Guard service
If the aircraft went through various color schemes the year of the picture documenting the scheme is noted
If I have a model of the aircraft in my collection, a link to a picture of the model is provided


Pretty much self explanatory
None available means no company makes a model of the subject
Available means in the current company catalogue
OOP means out of production - May be available on E-Bay