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Database of Coast Guard Aircraft by TMS

A/C Desig Name Num Comments Year Paint Scheme Picture
Aerospatial HH-65
(Aerospatial Model SA366G1)
Dolphin 96 White original color scheme
Later red scheme

Agusta MH-68
(Agusta A109E)
Stingray ??   1990 Modern  
Beech JRB-4/5
(Beech Model 18)
(AKA: C-45, AT-7, AT-11,F-2,
Expeditor 7   1943

No pic avail
Assume WWII Silver
Post war silver
Bell HTL-1/4/5/7
(Bell Model 47) (AKA: H-13)
Sioux 3   1947
Post war silver
No pic avail - All wire, no color
Bell HUL-1G
(Bell Model 47) (AKA: HH-13Q)
  2   1959 Yellow  
Bell UAV HV-911 Eagle Eye   Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle - Evaluated - Program Cancelled 2003 Modern  
Bell XV-15   1 Evaluation of tiltrotor - Program cancelled 1990 Modern  
Boeing PB-1G
(AKA: B-17)
Flying Fortress 17   1945 Post war silver Yes
Bombardier Canadair HC-143
(Bombardier Model 604)
Challenger ?? Medium Range Command and Control - Secretary Homelanbd Security 2005 Modern  
CASA-212-300 Aviocar   Evaluated - Did not become operational 2006 Modern  
(CASA Model 235)
Ocean Sentinal ??   2006 Modern  
Cessna VC-35
(Cessna Model C-500)
Citation 1   1973 Modern  
Consolidated N4Y-1
(Model 21A) (AKA: PT-11)
  1   1932 Blue and Silver  
Consolidated PBY-5
(AKA: OA-10)
Catalina 1   1941
Pre-war Navy
Blue over Gray
Consolidated PBY-5A
(AKA: OA-10)
Catalina 120   1942 1944 1947 Blue over Gray
Blue over Blue over White
Post war silver�
Consolidated PB2Y-3/5 Coronado 4   1944 Blue over Blue over White  
Consolidated PB4Y-1G
(AKA: B-24)
Liberator 5   1944 Blue over Blue over White  
Consolidated PB4Y-2G Privateer 9   1945 Post war silver  
Convair HC-131A
(AKA: R4Y, T-29)
Samaritan 17   1976 Modern  
Curtiss F
(AKA: C-2, AB-2)
  1 Owned by Curtiss Flying School - Used to demo the usefullness of aircraft 1915 No pic avail  
Curtiss H-10   1 Coast Guard aviators flew Navy aircraft during WWI 1916 No pic avail  
Curtiss HS-2L   6 Borrowed from Navy to evaluate CG aviation - Congress denied funding 1920 Pre-war Navy  
Curtiss MF Boat   7 The MF was a Modernized F 1920 No pic avail  
Curtiss R5C-1
(AKA: C-46)
Commando 10   1943 Blue over Gray  
Curtiss R-6   7 Coast Guard aviators flew Navy aircraft during WWI 1917 No pic avail  
Curtiss SB2C
(AKA: A-25 Shrike)
Helldiver 2   1945 No pic avail - Post war silver?  
Curtiss SOC-4 Seagull 3 Used with floats on 327s
When they were taken off the 327s they became land based
Pre-war Navy
Pre-war Navy
Curtiss SO3C-1/3 Seamew 48 Wheels 1943 Blue over Gray Yes
Douglas O-38C   1 First land-based aircraft bought by USCG - CG-9 (V-108) 1931 Blue and Silver  
Douglas RD Dolphin - Procyon 1 Could carry 6 passengers/survivors 1931 Blue and Silver  
Douglas RD-1/2 Dolphin - Adhara, Sirius 1/1 Improved RDs 1932 Blue and Silver  
Douglas RD-4 Dolphin 10 CG was main user of this ac type - Improved -2 - 800 nm range 1934
Blue and Silver
Blue over Gray
Douglas R4D-5
((AKA: C-47, C-53, DC-3)
Skytrain (Gooney Bird) 8   1943 WWII Silver  
Douglas R5D-3/4
(AKA: C-54, DC-4)
Skymaster 6 Logistics 1945 1959 Post war silver
1952 White
Fairchild C-123 Provider 8 Logistics 1960 1952 White  
Fairchild J2K-1/2
(Fairchild Model 24) (AKA:C-61)
  2/2   1937 Pre-war Navy  
FalconJet Falcon
(Dessault-Breguet 20 Mystere)
Guardian 41   1982 Modern  
General Aviation PJ-1/2   5/1 Fokker - General Aviation - North American - Flying Life Boat (FLB) - PJ-1 1932 No pic avail - Assume B&S  
Grumman E-2C Hawkeye 2   1985 Gray Yes
Grumman JF-2/J2F-6 Duck 14 True aviation classic - the Jeep of the air - it did everything and did it well 1934 1942 1942 1945 Pre-war Navy
Blue over Gray
Winter white camo
Post war silver
Grumman J4F-1/2
(Grumman Model G-44)
Widgeon 25   1941
Pre-war Navy
Blue over Gray
Grumman JRF-2/3/5
(Grumman Model G-21)
Goose 24   1939 1941 1944 1951 Pre-war Navy
Blue over Gray
Blue over Blue over White
Post war silver
Grumman HU-16
(Grumman Model G-111)
(AKA: SA-16, UF-1G)
Albatross (Goat) 91   1951 1952 1960 1967 Post war silver
1952 White
1954 White
Grumman VC-4A
(Grumman Model G-159)
Gulfstream I 1 Executive transport 1963
1954 White
Grumman VC-11A
(Grumman Model 1159)
Gulfstream II 1 Executive transport 1969 Modern  
Gulfstream Aviation C-20
(Gulfstream Model C-20B)
Gulfstream III 1 Executive Transport ?? Modern  
Gulfstream Aviation C-37A Gulfstream V   Executive transport 2002 Modern  
Hall PH-2/3   7/7 Backbone of SAR aviation with the Douglas RDs 1936 1942 Pre-war Navy
Blue over Gray
Howard GH-2
(Howard Model DGA-15)
Nightingale 3   1944 WWII Silver  
Kaman K-225 Mixmaster 1   1950 Post war silver  
Loening OL-5
(AKA: OA-5)
  3 First CG Aircraft (CG-1-3) - Designed for USCG - Prohibition was driver 1926 Blue and Silver  
Lockheed HC-130
(AKA: GV-1G)
Herk 48 Logistics/SAR 1959 1960 1967 1952 White
1954 White
Lockheed EC-130 Herk 2 Drug surveillance 1990 Modern  
Lockheed R30-1
(Lockheed Model 10)
Electra 1   1936 Pre-war Navy  
Lockheed R50/-4/5
(Lockheed Model 18)
Lodestar 1/4 Official transport for Secretary of Treasury 1940 Pre-war Navy  
Martin PBM-3/5 Mariner 27/36   1943 1947 Blue over Blue over White
Post war silver
Martin VC-3A
(Martin Model 4-0-4)
(AKA: RM-1Z)
  2   1952 Post war silver  
Martin P5M-1G/2G Marlin 7/4   1956 Post war silver  
MD Helicopters MH-90
(MD Helicopters Model MD900)
Enforcer     1999 Modern  
Naval Aircraft Factory N3N-3   4   1941 Pre-war Navy  
New Standard NT-2   2 Acquired from Customs 1934 Pre-war Navy  
North American B-25J Mitchell 1   1945 WWII Silver  
North American SNJ
(AKA: T-6, BC-1, AT-16, A-27, Harvard)
Texan 15   1944 WWII Silver Yes
Northrop RT-1 Delta - Golden Goose 1 Official transport for Secretary of Treasury 1935 Pre-war Navy  
Piasecki HRP-1
(Piasecki Model PV-3)
Flying Banana (Harp) 3   1948
Post war silver
Schreck FBA 17HT-4   1 French aircraft evaluated by USCG - CG-8 1931 No pic avail  
Schweizer RG-8
(Schweizer Model SA237)
    Powered Glider - Evaluated in drug surveillance mission - Not operational 1980s Modern  
Schweizer RU-38B     Powered Glider - Operational in drug surveillance mission 1988 Modern  
Sikorsky HH-3
(Sikorsky Model S-61R)
Pelican 40   1968 Modern Yes
Sikorsky HH-19
(Sikorsky Model S-55)
(AKA: HO4S-1G)
Chickasaw 14 CG used mostly with wheels
I have one documented pic with floats
1951 1951 1960 Yellow (wheels)
Yellow (floats)
1954 White
Sikoski HH-34
(Sikorsky Model SD-58)
Sea Horse 6 Wheels 1959 Yellow  
Sikorsky HH-52
(Sikorsky Model S-62)
Seaguard 97   1963
1954 White
Ice Det Red
Sikorsky HH-60
(Sikorsky Model S-70)
Jayhawk     1990 Modern Yes
Sikorsky HNS
(Sikorsky Model S-47)
(AKA: R-4)
Hoverfly 21 Floats
WWII Blue over Gray
Post war silver
Sikorsky HOS-1G
(Sikorsky Model S-49)
(AKA: R-6)
  27   1945 Post war silver  
Sikorsky HO2/3S-1G
(Sikorsky Model S-48)
(AKA: R-5/H-5)
Dragonfly 2/9 Wheels 1945 All pictures show yellow Yes
Sikorsky HO5S-1G
(Sikorsky Model SS-52)
  8   1952 Post war silver  
Sikorsky S-39   2 Borrowed from Sikorsky for evaluation 1930 Blue and Silver  
Stearman N2S-3
(Stearman Model 75)
(AKA: PT-13, PT-17, PT-18, PT-27)
Kaydet 11 Trainers 1943 No pic avail
Either Blue over Gray or Silver
Stinson OY-1/2 Sentinel 5   1948 Post war silver  
Stinson R3Q
(Stinson Model SR 1 - SR 10
Reliant 1 Purchased specifically to conduct R&D into radio communications 1934 Pre-war Navy  
Viking Boat OO-1   5 Variants of French Schreck Flying Boats built by US company Viking 1936 Pre-war Navy  
Vought O2U-2 Corsair 6   1934 Blue and Silver  
Vought OS2U Kingfisher 53   1942
Blue over Gray
Blue over Blue over White

Vought UO-1/4   2 Bought at the same time as the OL-5s (CG-4 and 5) 1926 Blue and Silver  
Vultee SNV-1
(AKA: BT-13, BT-15)
Valiant 2 Vacuform - Sold as Vultee Valiant BT-13 1942
No pic avail
Either Blue over Gray or Silver
Waco J2W-1
(Waco Model EQC-6)
  3 Versitile aircraft that flew with floats, wheels, and skis 1937 Pre-war Navy