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Models with Questionable Authenticity

Questionable Authenticity Comments Model Comments Num Scale Status
Rocky Point Lighthouse Rocky Point is red and white striped Branchline Working light - Nice kit - But not Rocky Point 3603 1/87 Future
Historic Lighthouse   Domus Actual stone slab construction - Does not match any real light DK40211 1/87 Available
Lighthouse   Lindberg

Working light. Painted as Assateague Light but Assateague does not flare from the light to the base. Kit can be built into a nice model, but I'm not sure what light has flared sides.

70779 1/87 OOP
Lighthouse   Unk Several years ago I built a generic "lighthouse" model
The kit came with 2 complete kits - neither was realistic
Coast Guard Tug   Lindberg Does not compare to any operational unit     OOP
USRC Ranger (1852) Only Ranger was an early 1800s unarmed LHS schooner Corel Corel's model has the lines of an early 1800s cutter, but the name is wrong     Available
SH-3 CG never operated SH-3 helicopters MPC Sold with USCG decals, but it is a Navy SH-3 - never operated by the CG     OOP